Creative Agency Plus Plus

Creative agency for all HR needs, not just for benefit purposes

And Plus plus was born

As Benefit Plus, we try to put something extra into every project. The plus in our logo represents our joy of work. We wanted your employees to know about the benefits and to enjoy them to the fullest. And so various materials, such as videos and activation campaigns began to emerge.

A lot has been created over the years. Hopefully, we can say that we have gotten to know each other well and that we understand you and your needs. If you like our work and it sometimes puts a smile on your face, it’s another plus point for us.

Soon enough we realized that we have unintentionally created something we now call Plus plus.
An in-house creative agency that brings you something extra.

What do you get from Plus plus?

  • Your identity with Benefit Plus

    We regularly supply you with Benefit Plus materials but if you wish, we can customize them even more to suit your corporate identity and communication style.

  • Benefits in your colors

    In short, we will create a campaign in your corporate style.

  • Creative work tailored to HR

    Recruitment videos? Corporate events for employees? Regular information for employees? Whatever you are dealing with, we can support you.

Let us take the lead

You know what you want and why. We will make it happen.