Benefit Plus Travel Agency

Our travel agency with superior services, more comfort and better deals.

How about an alternative to the run- of- the- mill tour operators and travel agencies?

We got the idea for the Benefit Plus Travel Agency when travel agencies were going bankrupt and we and our users were dealing with subsequent problems.

We started an online travel agency specializing in selling tours from German and Austrian tour operators that operate on a long-term stable market.

Since German and Austrian tour operators have a high purchasing power, we offer countless options at very affordable prices.

We cooperate with the Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agents of the Czech Republic and Delta Reisen.

What makes us different?

  • Literally anyone can travel with us,

    always on competitive terms.

  • Traveling without limits

    Users of Benefit Plus travel at even more convenient terms because we don't set any artificial limits that other tour operators apply for clients who pay with benefits.

  • A wider selection of tours and destinations

    Traveling with German tour operators means a wider choice of tours and destinations, flying with better airlines and often lower prices than tours sold by Czech tour operators.

  • We guarantee the same prices

    as the tour operators.

With or without benefits

Get the best deals on high-quality travel packages organized by German and Austrian tour operators.

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