We Are Constantly Pushing the Limits of Employee Benefits

Personal approach and satisfied clients

We are proud of our personal approach. Each of our clients has a dedicated account manager who handles everything from implementation and setup to cafeteria and benefits management and various modifications. As a result, our clients communicate with someone they know and who knows them, so they can reach out with absolute confidence. The company report is processed by a data specialist who is always dedicated to a given company and able to reflect its specifics.

We also focus on client satisfaction. According to the Net Promoter Score, or NPS for short, we are placed well above the standard average and we are proud of it.

Why do we enjoy looking after our clients, partners, and users?

  • Barbora Horáková, Customer Center Specialist

    „I love making people happy. When it comes to work, the best reward is a kind word, a thank you, a laugh, or a joke 😊. This feedback lets me know that I have really helped someone or made their day better.

  • Denisa Hašková, Customer Center Specialist

    „Is there anything more satisfying than helping people? This is my motto when I work at the Benefit Plus Customer Service Center. I enjoy explaining and advising on the real advantages of benefits, and help users with their leisure activities. Free time is essential for everyone and I like to show people how they can make the most of their benefit points 😊“.

  • Zuzana Dvořáčková, Account Manager

    I like how varied my work at Benefit Management is. You are never bored and always get to learn something new 😊. I have a great appreciation for this line of work that makes people happy. Everything here is done with integrity and for the benefit of the client. And what‘s important to me, there is a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

  • Martin Seethaler, Key Account Manager

    I like to follow one of our core values: we are committed to meeting the customer‘s needs. We do that through small daily tasks, as well as through large projects. I enjoy finding solutions, helping our clients, looking after our employees and building friendly relationships with them.

  • Hana Šuláková, Account Manager

    What I love about working at Benefit Plus is the daily variety of communication with clients, both existing and potential; each of them is a new experience for me. I am also inspired by my colleagues with whom I work on great projects.

  • Monika Tlapáková, Marketing Specialist

    My favourite part of my job is organizing and running events, whether they are training workshops, conferences or less formal functions. My aim is to make our clients feel comfortable. I want them to leave with a feeling that they have learnt something new, met interesting people and tasted good food. In short, that they had fun!

  • Aneta Šimíčková, Account Manager

    It is important for me to feel good about my work, to identify with the company‘s values, to see my job as useful, to be able to grow, as well as to work in an office with a friendly atmosphere and colleagues who support each other. I enjoy building relationships with clients and looking for the best solutions. I love that we can bring more joy and good experiences into the lives of our client’s employees.

  • Martina Hlaváčová, Contract Network Specialist

    I have been working in the Partnership Department since I joined the company. I have got to know the service providers and learned their requirements from different angles, which makes it all the more interesting and colourful. I enjoy communicating with them when handling their inquiries, and it makes me happy when I can help them to their satisfaction. Not only that I enjoy my job, but I also have a great team of colleagues and friends who make me feel good.

  • Tomáš Kabourek, Contract Network Account Manager

    Why do I like taking care of our contractual partners? Well, I don’t want to end up living under a bridge. But in all seriousness – when they’re happy, I’m happy. Our contractual partners are all in all amazing people and I always enjoy talking to them. Sure, our communication isn‘t all sunshine and roses, but that’s part of life. Positive feedback proves that my colleagues and I are doing a good job. Sometimes we even get a small gift, which is always nice.

Benefit Plus: future vision

Benefit Plus responds to developments and changes in life with innovative ideas. Finding new, modern solutions, suppliers and benefit schemes and support across the business is our main driving force.

Benefit Plus Market

Do you need to spread the word about benefits and cafeteria at your company? We have a variety of ready-made communication materials and campaigns for you to download – from flyers, posters, banners and videos, including informative text. The campaigns take into account all topics and always include multiple formats to accommodate your company’s communication channels, capabilities and practices. Simply choose what you need and you’re set to go.

Benefit Plus Academy

HR constantly needs to absorb new information. That’s why we’ve developed an online training program that introduces participants to the complex mechanics of a cafeteria, including legal issues and benefits. Our instructors have many years of experience in their respective fields and are ready not only to pass on their knowledge, but also to answer all of your questions.

Benefit Plus Blog

Having the correct information is key. Our Benefit Plus blog is full of expertly written articles on the cafeteria and benefits.

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