Give Your Employees More Than Budget Allows

A wide range of add-ons that enhance corporate culture and increase cost efficiency.

The most popular modules among employers

A contribution to the pension scheme and meal vouchers. This combination may have worked ten years ago. Today, employees want more. They want to see that you really care. And thanks to our motivational modules, the cafeteria reflects their needs.

You can freely modify the Benefit Plus cafeteria with other modules that can reduce your costs or help you enhance your corporate culture and employee engagement.

All modules at a glance

  • Increasing cost efficiency
  • Enhancing corporate culture
  • Carpooling

    We think in ecological, economical, and social terms. Carpooling covers all these points and that allows your employees to arrange joint trips to work through a simple interface. They share the costs, get to know each other and as a bonus, it's eco-friendly!
  • Associations

    In large organizations, it is often difficult to get to know employees from different departments. Some people have never met despite working together on a daily basis. Our "social network" can connect them through their interests and hobbies. By forming associations, our app helps to grow informal relationships.
  • Compliments

    It costs nothing and yet motivates so much, what is it? Compliments, of course. And despite this fact, we don't use them enough. Writing something nice about a colleague is easier than telling them in person, and it has the same effect. Actually, even bigger, because the whole team and management can read it in the module as well.
  • Anniversary wishes

    A good company values the loyalty of its employees. Our system will keep an eye on work anniversaries for you. It not only congratulates the employees, but also notifies their manager about the anniversary in advance. It also automatically allocates any points for years worked.
  • Innovation

    The Innovation module helps your company to notice good ideas. Employees can suggest improvements right in the system, which can be later used to manage the project to successful implementation. You can also use the system to reward the innovators who came up with the suggestion.
  • Mentoring

    The module keeps track of mentoring across the entire company and allows the distribution of the associated rewards under the tax-advantaged regime. Everyone knows which newcomer they are in charge of and they can see the reward for their extra work. It will be given in the form of benefit points.
  • Second Hand

    Need to sell or buy something used? And what about doing it in a safe working environment? After all, it is not so anonymous and the handover of mugs from your grandma can take place where you spend your every day. No more arguing about meetup locations.