Cafeteria (leisure time benefits)

  • What is a cafeteria?

    A cafeteria is a very simple tool (an online shop with benefits) that helps you to provide remuneration to your company’s employees in a comfortable, easy and quick manner. Each employee has their own account with benefit points, which can be exchanged for various services, such as travel, education, health, sport, culture, and printed books. Thanks to our experiences, we can help you select the best configuration just for you.

  • What are its advantages and why should I launch it in my company?

    Cafeterias are efficient and attractive, save time and money, and act as incentives. Non-financial benefits help the employee save 26%. In monetary terms, for every CZK 1,000 contributed to the cafeteria, the employee saves CZK 260 compared to the payment in wages. And that is well worth it.
    The flexibility of the system allows employees to choose the most suitable benefits for them. They can get a holiday contribution (up to the legal limit of CZK 20,000 per year), purchase a gym pass, add new titles to their bookshelf, or book a driving course.
    And the employer saves as well.

  • What does the cafeteria offer?

    The cafeteria offers benefits and services in the areas of travel, culture, education, sports, health, and printed books. These areas are laid down by law. It is important to note that there is a limit of CZK 20,000 per calendar year in the travel/recreation area. This limit is automatically monitored by the cafeteria.

  • Can we include our company benefits in the cafeteria?

    Yes, benefits specific to your company can be integrated into the cafeteria, depending on the limitations of our application. We often implement benefits such as supplementary pension contributions, life insurance, purchase of company products, and much more.

  • When do we pay for drawn benefits?

    Invoicing/payment for drawn benefits is usually done every month retrospectively, i.e. after the employees have drawn benefits from the cafeteria. As an employer, you do not pay anything up front; this positively affects your cash flow.

  • How many partners can employees draw benefits from?

    The number of partners changes each day; we constantly introduce new attractive providers to the system. The current list is always available in the employee’s benefit account. The data are updated regularly.