• Only Benefit Plus card payments are shown on the last bill, not vouchers.

    Each voucher must be billed, and if you have set up manual billing, you can choose between two billing options:

    • Immediate billing – payment will be sent to your bank account within 3 business days of the billing date.
    • Billing at the end of the billing period – the vouchers you have selected will be included in your billing at the end of the billing period (monthly). Payment will be sent to your bank account within 3 business days of the billing date.
  • The customer created a voucher and it doesn't show up in the order history

    The overview of created vouchers always displays the current month. If the voucher was created in a different month, you need to move the date in the search box. We recommend that you tick the "include invoiced" checkbox.

  • Can I change the billing set to "Billing at the end of the billing period" to "Immediate billing"?

    Unfortunately not. The Benefit Plus system has received the first billing order. The Benefit Plus application does not allow changes.

  • We have received a Benefit Plus voucher by email. Should I issue an invoice?

    As you are our contractual partner and this is a contractual benefit, you do not have to send us an invoice. If you need to issue an invoice, you can use it for your company‘s accounting purposes. Once you have invoiced the voucher in the Benefit Plus system, we will send you the money, minus our commission, within 3 business days.

  • There are no items on our statements, even though yesterday they were showing up

    Check the period you are looking in to see if the month has changed. Alternatively, see if the transactions have already been invoiced. You can find out by clicking on "include invoiced."

  • I need your billing information

    Benefit Management s.r.o.
    Doudlebská 5, 140 00, Prague 4
    Account number: 2102143052/2700
    IBAN: CZ81 2700 0000 0021 0214 3052

  • Is there an instructional video on how to bill vouchers in the Benefit Plus app?

    You can find instructions on how to bill vouchers in this VIDEO.

  • Where can I find issued invoices?

    If you need any invoice, you can find it in the ADMINISTRATION after logging in.

  • What types of statements or billing can I get from Benefit Plus?

    1. Invoice with no charge: we invoice on commission, you do not pay the amount. The invoice states how much we will deduct from the billed amount and how much we will send to your account.
    2. Statement of services used, which is a list of individual transactions made through the application or POS system.
    3. Invoice to be paid: In the case of cancelled transactions and if there are no other transactions for the billing period, we will issue an invoice with a negative value that must be paid.
  • Why can't a payment with Benefit Plus card be billed like a voucher?

    We assume that the customer is at the point of service when paying by card and uses the service immediately. Therefore, card payments in the Benefit Plus app are automatically included by the system in the billing at the end of the billing period (monthly). If the customer creates a voucher, the service can be redeemed later. Vouchers are always billed at the time the service is redeemed.