I want to enter the contractual network

  • Who can become a contractual partner?

    By law, we can include health and pharmacy services, culture, sports, recreation, education and printed books in our contractual network. In addition, the catering sector – restaurants and grocery stores.

  • How much will it cost us?

    Joining Benefit Plus cost nothing – it's free. You only pay a commission on completed orders.

  • Do I need a payment terminal?

    You don't need one, but you can use one. You can do everything with your computer, tablet, or mobile phone or with your POS system and internet connection. You can pay easily online through our secure payment gateway. But if you have a payment terminal, we can connect the terminal to our system and you can work directly with it. Alternatively, our account manager will arrange payment configurations with you.

  • I have an online store, can I become your contractual partner?

    As long as your online store is oriented in the right direction, i.e. its content complies with the legally recognised areas (culture, sports, education, recreation, health, pharmaceutical goods, printed books and food), we will be happy to connect you to our system and payment gateway. The whole operation requires only a small intervention of the programmer.