Instant rewards without any paperwork

While you can add something extra to your employee’s salary, it’ll somehow disappear in taxes and contributions.

Assigning rewards within the application is quick, easy and efficient.

The employee immediately receives the full amount available without deductions, and the manager has an overview of the rewards history.

The Rewards module can be freely added to any cafeteria.
It doesn’t matter if you need a simple distribution of rewards or to set up an approval process with specific amounts.

The Rewards module is ready.

With each reward, the employee gains 26% more and the company saves 5,7%.

Other selected modules

  • Associations

    In large organizations, it is often difficult to get to know employees from different departments. Some people have never met despite working together on a daily basis. Our "social network" can connect them through their interests and hobbies. By forming associations, our app helps to grow informal relationships.
  • Carpooling

    We think in ecological, economical, and social terms. Carpooling covers all these points and that allows your employees to arrange joint trips to work through a simple interface. They share the costs, get to know each other and as a bonus, it's eco-friendly!
  • Total rewards

    Show your employees what your company gives them on top of their salary. People often have no idea and the costs lose their efficiency. Once people see what your company is actually investing in them, they will be astonished.

Companies with cafeterias save money

Make your employees happy and save your company costs.
We'll deal with the rest.